Welcome to Connections Marketing. We’re an advertising and web development firm focused on brand positioning to reach today’s consumer. Utilizing traditional media channels (TV, radio & print) mixed with new media outlets (web, SEO, email, social media)…we have the skills and savvy to effect bottom-line results. With over 35 years of combined corporate experience and mass communications expertise, we know what strategies work, and more importantly, what strategies don’t; a depth of knowledge that can help you stay in-budget and make better decisions when every penny counts.

Are you are a business owner looking to create or enhance your brand or expand your reach…even cross-culturally? Do you wish to affect sales with ecommerce or build a polished platform to generate leads, goodwill or target messaging? Are you looking to drive traffic into your brick and mortar store and know that the cross-pollination of media is the only way to impact your customers and cut through the competitive clutter? Connections Marketing will develop a strategy that works for you.

We all realize that marketing has moved well beyond the “ad in the Sunday paper” or “on the local radio station” approach. Today’s audience want immediate gratification. And for an organization to meet that need, they must jump forward into new media (i.e. web-based/24 hr media) with gusto. But not many web development companies have a foundation in marketing, and to this, are lost when it comes to targeting your prospects or clientele in a way that moves them to respond. They simply design and post a website everyone “likes” and call it a day. Not at Connections Marketing. We know that it takes a fully integrated marketing methodology to drive results, and so, we offer a comprehensive list of services to do just that.

Find out what we can do to help you connect with your market….please, give us a call: 312 593-2553 or click here.